How to increase views and reactions on your Facebook posts

If you’re posting and getting super few, random reactions (from the same people), and not getting engagement or comments — and definitely getting no leads from your posts… then this is for you.

So the basic problem here is, you’re not getting views. Which means your ideal customers and clients are not even SEEING your posts, not seeing your offers. And not hiring you or enrolling in your programs. So you don’t get paid (as much).

I’m talking about your Facebook profile posts, that get posted to your personal profile.

Btw, WHY is the PERSONAL PROFILE a great place to post about your business and GET LEADS? Some reasons are:

1) 2 billion active users on facebook!

2) You can easily find and befriend people, who are actively expressing an interest in the thing, you help your clients with

3) It’s free

4) You can have 5,000 contacts at a time, then funnel some into an email list or your offer before making new room for other people

5) Posting on your personal profile is favored by the algorithm above groups and way, way above business pages (pro tip: only use a page if you built it before the algorithm changes or for running ads).

Now, onto WHAT YOU CAN DO if you are getting crickets on your posts 👇

1️⃣ Post better stuff. Make it helpful, or funny, or eye-opening or – you know – something that is likely to provoke a response in the reader.

You can educate yourself on what is good content for your ideal clients by noticing what is getting lots of interaction and engagement in your own feed and in the groups, where your ideal client hangs out.

➡ Save the post, either by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the post and clicking “save post” or take a screenshot of the post (including the no. of reactions and comments). Save in it a folder so you can find it again.

Then, when you’re ready to create a post, have a look at your saved posts and model some of the structure, the call-to-action, the picture, or the topic of the post. Don’t copy anything, but simply learn from what you see is already working and take that into consideration when you make your own posts.

As you practice and see what is working for yourself and what is not, you get better and better and it will take you less and less time to create something great.

2️⃣ Ask a question or end the post with a call-to-action, asking the reader to drop a comment or give a heart on the post (hearts work better for optimizing views than regular likes)

3️⃣ Immediately after posting, add new friends.

a) Either go to relevant groups and add people from there who are engaging or

b) which Facebook tells you, you have things in common with (see “Members with things in common” under the members tab).

c) OR go to your friends’ list, then “find friends” and connect with “suggested friends”.

Doing this will increase views and reactions on your post.

4️⃣ If you get some traction with a post, wait until new reactions are slowing down, then go into the comments to reply to people. This will bump the post up in the feed.

5️⃣ Go to new friends’ profiles. Comment on their posts when appropriate. That will make YOUR posts show up in their feed.

6️⃣ Connect with new friends in dm. Say hi and pay them a genuine compliment.

7️⃣ Scroll down your feed. Interact with others. Comment, drop reactions.

If it’s not already a habit for you it can be annoying to get started, so I suggest you set a timer for 15 minutes once or twice a day.

In time, make it a habit for when you’re waiting, standing in line, or using the restroom. Try NOT to do it while you’re with other people, especially your kids. Be present with your loved ones 🙂.

If you get really good at 1️⃣, 2️⃣, and replying back to people 4️⃣, there’s no need to keep doing no. 7️⃣. But if your goal is not only engagement and views on your posts but also to build relationships – then it’s definitely a good idea to keep interacting.

In essence, aim for high quality and quantity in the beginning. Later you can slow down with less quantity, and less frequent, but high-quality posting.

Try it out for a week at let me know how it goes!

The beauty of getting this right is, that it will help you with ALL your business writing and marketing because you’ve tested out what works. So you can use the same type of content and language on your website, in your emails, and on other platforms.

In total, writing a great post, connecting with new people, and engaging will take you about an hour daily and let you attract one high-ticket client every week. Simply because that’s how the numbers work.

If, that is, you actually have an attractive offer and know WHO to put it in front of. All of which is covered in my 6-week coaching intensive. Drop me a dm to have a chat about it if you’re interested. I’ll ask you a few questions to see if you’re a good fit for the program and answer any questions that you may have 🙂

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