Here’s a major reason why you’re (possibly) not attracting clients with your Facebook posts and how to fix it

If you’re not sharing enough details about your offer, it’s hard for your prospect to know before your call if you can actually – really – help them.

Let’s say your clients will typically move through three or four internal stages in working with you…

Maybe from
1) feeling burnout to
2) getting clear on what they desire in life that they are not getting to
3) digging up deep wounds from childhood and healing them to
4) optimizing their energy, thoughts, and behavior to cement their personal transformation into their new reality.

Now, if all your content is talking about the pain of burnout and giving tips and tricks to overcome it… then your readers will still have NO IDEA how you actually go deep with clients to facilitate a major life change.

Your job in communicating is to:

1) Demonstrate that you know exactly what you’re talking about – that you know your clients’ problems intimately and know how to solve them

2) To translate your professional knowledge into a language that connects with your ideal clients.

Your clients know fluff when they see it. So if you’re saying that you COACH clients, what does that mean exactly?

Are you using a specific questioning method that has proved exceptionally powerful in unlocking previously unconscious childhood trauma?

Are you diving into the meaning of pivotal moments in the client’s history?

Are you using “suggested thoughts” that the client can turn to when they are catching themselves as they go into an undesired pattern of self-talk?

When you put more precise words in your offer description, your prospect will know exactly if your offer is something they need or not.

And then, if you offer a sales call, they will be ready to buy even before talking to you.

So you don’t have to drain all excitement out of your prospects by having them fill out endless application forms or using pushy sales questions on the call.

Because the prospect already decided.

In my 6-week program, I help coaches, therapists and experts first describe accurately how their work is creating big, desirable transformations.

Then we translate and tweak this description into an offer description, that rings true to their ideal client. One that highlights the big outcome the perfect-fit client will experience. In a language that mirrors their internal language and makes them instantly recognize you as an expert, they can trust with their money.

Then we find the Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out, and you engage and attract them either by commenting on relevant posts 20 minutes a day or by sending them a friend request to connect personally.

That is a very quick little task before we dive into the final major piece:

Training you in the art of writing great posts that convert and teaching you in coming up with winning topics to write about.

I teach a simple framework that will ensure that you NEVER run out of ideas and is based on putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal client.

So one part of the content creation is the TOPIC you address, the other part is following a framework or outline that positions you as the obvious solution and encourages the ideal client to buy your offer.

In the end, you will have a powerful offer statement, a way of finding and connecting with prospects, and a new skill in creating content that converts.

This approach works wonders for coaches, therapists, and experts, who have seen incredible client results before.

They have or will be creating an offer typically priced around $1,000-$5,000 USD and get 2-5 clients a month using this approach – without needing a website, lead magnets, funnels, cold pitching, or anything like that.

If you want in on this, send me a DM and we can have a quick chat to see if you’re a fit for the program or I can answer any questions that you may have.



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