In May I made 4 times more money than I did all of last year.

It was an awesome feeling of validation 😎 I didn’t announce my new offer publicly and in fact deserted online posting completely.

I was booked out for the next 5 months and grew my team by 2, almost 3. I just finished the final two big projects 🥳

But here’s the kicker – I was miserable.

My clients were (mostly) a perfect fit, but the work was not.

I had discovered an amazing business opportunity… Something that I had the skill to run with and that I could scale… But the work itself included working in ways I detest.

I’m actually proud that I ran with it and tried it out. How else would I know that I should stay clear of that kind of work in the future?! So, here’s to a new chapter! 🥂

Entrepreneurship is the biggest vehicle for personal development. If you are failing, you are doing it right! 💪

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