It was only when I finally ditched the sales script that I converted my first high-ticket client

I had been through hours of sales training in how to use and adapt a sales script.

All the usual… Creating rapport, slowly increasing the tension between the current situation and the desired outcome.

And then hitting them – BAM – with this:

“What would your life look like 3 months, six months from now if you do nothing? If nothing changes?”

Gaslighting and almost emotional abuse right there.

Definitely drilling for a horrible gut feeling that *should* make the prospect run straight into my open arms!

But this was all practice and I could never really pull it off.

So I was scolding myself in all sorts of manners for not being able to pull this off. NOT CONVERTING.

Eventually, I got on a call with a prospect who called me out on it.

“Oh no, not that again. Can we NOT use that script?!”

And I turned it around. I said “Of course! Let’s not!”

The rest of the conversation went completely free-flowing, it was so wonderfully authentic. We could suddenly connect on a genuine, deep level.

And that is how I converted my first high-ticket client. And every single client ever since.

There’s still a need for a little *finesse* in a sales call – I’m not saying there’s nothing to it!

But sales conversations are really enjoyable for me now. I don’t expect a certain outcome. I hope for a good connection and usually, that’s a given.

Did you ever try the pushy, icky sales scripts? Or been on the receiving end? 🤦

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