Reframing assumptions about women’s income to grow your sales

I talked to a coach yesterday who said something to the effect of: Women in my country don’t make that much money, so I prefer to get discovery calls with women from other countries.

The funny thing is, I’ve heard that from people from all sorts of countries 😏.

So I dug up the numbers for median income per month of women across a few different countries.

United States (ages 35-54, year 2020): around $1,000
Canada (ages 35-44, year 2018): $2,740
Italy (ages 25-54, year 2018): $1,640
Sweden: $2,723
United Kingdom: $2,304
Spain: $1,474
Germany: $2,382
Poland: $688
France: $2,198

Please note, that these numbers say nothing about assets, living expenses, tax rates, or things like that, which could make it fair to compare these numbers 😉.

Do you form an opinion about whether or not your prospect might have money before getting on a discovery call with them?

Maybe that’s not super helpful 🙂. If you think [insert deep, mimicking voice] “this prospect is not going to buy” – then I assure you, she most likely won’t.

So this is how I keep a good mindset for going on calls (or doing anything related to getting clients really).

a) I self-coach. Meaning:
– I identify the thoughts that I’m having.
– I determine whether or not that is a thought that serves me. Will it help me get the result I want or not?
– If not, I question the truth of the thought. For instance, can I actually know, that women in this or that country don’t have money for this sort of service? Can I be sure, this is true for all women?
– If the thought is not proven to be true, I can choose to replace it with a better one, ie. “some women in this country need my coaching and will gladly pay me for it”, “my ideal clients are out there, they have the money and they will find me”

b) I continually make sure, that my beliefs and my thoughts align with the future I envision for myself. I also continually fail at this, but that’s why it’s such important work.

So in essence, I make up my own affirmations that I feel are true, I remind myself of them and I actively think and feel them until they have become subconscious truths.

Here are a few of them:

  • I love having discovery calls
  • I love serving people
  • Selling is serving
  • By selling to the people who need me, I am doing my future clients a great service
  • I’m on my way there and this is part of the path
  • Every no gets me closer to a yes
  • My people are out there and it’s my job to keep making offers until I find them
  • Onto the next offer because I’m not stopping
  • I know I’m going to get there no matter what
  • I’m more successful today than I have ever been before
  • I already know what to do
  • I have 100% control of how I show up

This kind of mindset coaching is part of how I serve my clients.

It’s so important to recognize where we trip ourselves up and it can be near impossible to discover them in yourself.

A bad mindset, misconceptions, and unfounded assumptions are what keep so many clever, empathetic people from taking action toward growing their business and helping more clients.

If you’re not consistently signing at least a few high-ticket clients every month by sharing your expertise, drop me a message. I’ll help you craft and sell your first high-ticket package if you don’t already have one.

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Whether you want in on my program or not, I hope this post helped you question some assumptions around women’s income 🙂

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