The 1-on-1 Program

The coaching intensive is for transformational and mental health therapists and life- or mindset coaches, who have at least a year of experience working with clients and are now ready to create and sell a high-ticket, 1:1 program.

The coaching intensive follows these 3 steps:

1) First, we create or refine your amazing, high-ticket offer for your ideal client.

We dive deep into who that ideal client is and what he/she needs from you – cutting out anything extra that is only diluting your results with clients.

By the end of week one, you have one powerful offer and offer statement (a 300-500 word description of your offer) that is perfect for your genius zone and perfect for your ideal client.

2) Second, I will show you exactly how to come up with content that is speaking directly to the deepest needs of our ideal client. We are talking:

✅ How to demonstrate your authority in a post,

✅ How to handle “objections” before they arise,

✅ How to give away mindblowing value, that creates trust and results for your readers and then

✅ How to “sell” them on the bigger transformation that your signature offering will help them achieve.

🎯 We will talk about how to put a call-to-action in your posts, in a way that is openly inviting your perfect clients in, without sounding needy or pushy or dishonest.

Altogether your content will help the new reader get a feel for how you work and make them clearly see how you can help them get the outcome they desire.

The content can then be posted on various social media platforms, in a blog format, or in emails, that you send out to your subscribers.

It really depends on where your clients are hanging out and which platforms and outlets you are most comfortable with.

3) Finally, I will teach you how to grow your crowd of engaged readers as well as some focussed lead generation methods for either LinkedIn or Facebook, depending on your preference. Both are very, very powerful platforms for attracting high-ticket clients.

In the end, you will walk away with a solid strategy for your specific business, which makes it a breeze for you to create attractive content several times a week without having to second-guess your writing or be staring at a blank screen for ages trying to figure stuff out.

💎 You will have full clarity. Full confidence. And it will shine through in everything that you do.

💎 And you will be attracting and magnetizing perfect-fit clients 2-5 times per month.

They will be pre-sold on your offer, so you only have to ask them a few questions, when they approach you about your offer.

I will teach you how to answer any of their questions in a conversation in dm or on a call – the modality doesn’t really matter much in terms of converting clients.

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