How to know if you should buy that marketing course, you’re thinking about – or not?!

One of the reasons you keep buying into programs that don’t give you a great return in the end (be honest!) – is that it is HARD to be truthful and take the time to dig out the answers from within yourself.

To that you may reply: “I couldn’t “dig out” what I learned in that program!”

No, you couldn’t. But the truth you need to find BEFORE investing is “Is this for me?” “Will I enjoy this practice enough to do the work to get results?” “Is the teacher qualified? And if so, do I want the results?”

By “results” I’m not talking about the money, the career, the systems or whatever, that is the ultimate outcome for successful students of the program. But I’m talking about the daily work that it requires. Ethics, even.

What these things are, can sometimes be hard to spot, because most business owners are either crap at describing this themselves or because they use the enigma around their methods to draw students in. I think that last bit is probably the most widely used sales tactic among professional “marketers”.

Do you want the lifestyle AND what it demands from you?

Does it sit well with you to spend some time every day chatting with strangers in dm?
Does it sit well with you to be all pumped up and extroverted when you show your face?
Does it sit well with you to follow scripts in outreach messages and webinars and follow up sequences?
Do you like sales calls?
Do you like long engagements with high-demand clients or would you rather manage ads that go to low-ticket funnels?
Building a free course or a membership to build loyalty and upsell from?
How about going live and posting and commenting daily to grow an engaged FB group?

There’s the truth:



And this is where being truthful to yourself comes into the picture. You must find that thing that makes you proud, no matter your skill level. That you can do for months before seeing any results from.

When you practice and become skilled at being honest with yourself, it all falls into place.

Your ideal client.
Your perfect offer.
Your favorite marketing platform and way of expressing yourself.
Your results.

It all becomes congruent with YOU.

I was going to write “it suddenly falls into place”, but none of this is sudden. It takes work.

And it’s not safe either. To remove any lingering untruth, you must carve out the infection, so that you can heal and grow healthy. If you get my metaphor.

Like when cleaning a wound, you may scream and cry and hurt during the cleaning.


A business you love.
Full confidence.
No more shiny object syndrome and jumping from this to that.
You are focused.

The world is your oister.

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